Just 5 miles from the Las Vegas Strip is one of our projects The EcoPeaceful Sustainable Veganic Food Forest


In November of 2014, we purchased an abandoned (5 years) vacant (a boarded up former crack house, with most of the windows broken, smashed walls, electrical wiring stripped, overgrown with weeds...) in the city of Las Vegas, on one 3rd of an acre with the intention of showing how you can grow a Sustainable and Veganic Food Forest... in the DESERT!

We are rebuilding the house and transforming the land (covered in weeds and landscape rocks, with plastic weeds barrier) and soil (in many places embedded with trash/plastic). 

In addition to making many energy saving upgrades for the home, we are sourcing as much as possible from local resources and growing as much diversity and variety as is possible and reasonable for our food forest.


Link to full article ad videos: http://ecopeaceful.com/blog/gardening/90-our-ecopeaceful-sustainable-veganic-desert-food-forest-project 

Food Forest


Green Burial - Conservation Cemetery