Welcome to The Living Works!

We are working on projects to enable the living microbial world to create sustainable living products and processes.
We are focused on projects that are 'Letting life work for you.'
The Living Works is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and donations are accepted.

Founders Note

My name is Dennis Luther Raatz, born 4/15/40
After 50 some years of looking for better living practices I had a life-changing experience by reading Janine Benyus's book "Biomimicry", about 1999.
There were two items that really started me thinking in a different direction:
1) "that man had played with fire long enough ",
2) that there were teams of scientists around the world working on synthesizing photosynthesis.
I was excited about that possibility, and that this was achieved about 2009 with rapid improvements.
This is the main reason The Living Works exist. 
So welcome again and enjoy while, 'Letting life work for you'
Your support will be put to use in creating a sustainable living world.
Thank you!
Dennis Luther Raatz

Food Forest